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Picture of George Brauchler, candidate for District Attorney

Endorsed by

Bill Owens

Former Colorado Governor

“There’s only one person in the race for District Attorney in the new 23rd Judicial District who has proven experience in prosecuting criminals and keeping them off the streets, and that’s George Brauchler. He has tried some of Colorado’s toughest cases, including the mass shootings at Columbine, the Aurora theatre, and the STEM School. His long history of putting criminals behind bars will serve the people well.”



“George provides us with an amazing opportunity for conservatives to elect a candidate with experience, leadership and a real promise and vision for our communities. He has proved that he is a District Attorney who is tough on crime and will stand up for victims instead of criminals. I am proud to endorse George Brauchler.”

Darren Weekly

Douglas County Sheriff

“From STEM to Mountain Vista HS to the Helene Pruszynski cold case murder, George Brauchler has been in some of Colorado’s toughest legal fights. His fortitude and unwavering commitment to the law and justice for victims never faltered. George knows there is no room for politics in prosecution. I have worked with him to fight crime for years. We need his battle-tested experience to serve Douglas County residents and send a message to criminals that they are not tolerated here. George and his family have been in our county for 28 years. His kids go to our schools. George is one of us and he will continue to defend our community and the rule of law.”

A headshot of Tom Nester as Lincoln County Sheriff

Tom Nestor

Lincoln County Sheriff

“I have known and worked with George Brauchler for more than a decade. He is a proven fighter. George knows how to fight crime. George understands our unique crime challenges and has always treated Lincoln as a priority. George personally engages and takes time to understand the needs of our community. And then he holds criminals accountable. Lincoln County deserves the most experienced, most proven prosecutor out there…and that is George Brauchler.”

Tim Norton

Elbert County Sheriff

“I have worked with George Brauchler to fight crime in Elbert County for years. There is no better DA for the new 23rd Judicial District. From drug running to human trafficking, from property crimes to homicides, Elbert County needs the most experienced prosecutor possible, who understands that it’s a team effort to successfully investigate, arrest and prosecute criminals. He is a no-nonsense prosecutor who will continue to prioritize Elbert County and to defend our community.”

John Kellner

District attorney

“George Brauchler is a crime fighter dedicated to protecting our community and upholding the Constitution. From military courts to some of the toughest cases in Colorado, George has the combination of experience and leadership the new 23rd judicial district needs. I’m proud to endorse George for District Attorney of the 23rd.”

Jason Dunn

Former us attorney

“I have not only known George for many years and seen what a person of high character he is, I had the chance to work side-by-side with him while I was US Attorney and he was District Attorney. He was a great leader for that office, a tough-on-crime prosecutor, and believer in the rule of law. The new 23rd Judicial District would be lucky to have someone with his experience and approach to open this new office.”

Troy Eid

former us attorney

“Public safety and justice for victims require experienced prosecutors to keep us safe. George Brauchler has an unmatched track record of punishing criminals and keeping them off the streets. George knows how to fight hard for justice, while protecting our Constitutional rights.”

John Suthers

Former US Attorney & Colorado Attorney General

“As a former District Attorney, US Attorney and Colorado Attorney General, I know what it takes to be a great prosecutor. That’s why I am enthusiastically endorsing George Brauchler for DA in the new 23rd Judicial District. George is a leader inside and outside the courtroom. He’ll effectively represent the people of his district by fighting for the victims of crime and ensuring lawbreakers are held accountable. George has been incredibly effective as a prosecutor in the past and I know he’s excited to take on the new challenge before him.”

Dustin Zvonek

Aurora City Council,
Mayor Pro Tem

“For a District Attorney, there is no greater challenge or responsibility than keeping a community safe. That is why I am supporting George Brauchler for District Attorney in the new 23rd Judicial District. I know that public safety will always be his top priority.

The new 23rd deserves experience, leadership, and someone who understands how the DA’s office works. I know George will work together with law enforcement and community leaders to ensure the future safety of families across his district. George Brauchler will get it done for the new 23rd.”

Jeff Toborg

Mayor of Parker

“We need George Brauchler’s proven leadership to build a strong foundation for the new 23rd Judicial District. George has served as an integral partner with our Parker Police Department to keep our neighborhoods safe and keep criminals off the streets. As a friend and neighbor, George knows how important public safety is to Parker families and there is no substitute for George’s unmatched experience holding criminals accountable.”

Jackie Millet

Mayor of Lone Tree

“George Brauchler knows what it means to keep our communities and our businesses safe. George was a strong partner with Lone Tree’s police department and worked tirelessly to protect our neighborhoods and our small businesses. Our residents will be well served by his experience and leadership.”

Jason Gray

Mayor of Castle Rock

“George Brauchler not only understands Castle Rock—he and his family have been in Douglas County for nearly 30 years—but he is fiercely dedicated to our public safety. You can count on George to use his unmatched prosecution experience to work tirelessly with our law enforcement, our community and our victims to ensure justice is done. He’s the right choice to hit the ground running for our brand new judicial district.”

Danielle Jurinsky

Aurora City Council – At Large

“I am proud to endorse George Brauchler for District Attorney in Judicial District 23! George understands the importance of protecting our communities, our families, our homes, and our future. He is the experienced candidate that the 23rd deserves. George is a staunch defender of our Second Amendment rights, promising to uphold the Constitution. He fights for victims and will make law and order a top priority for his constituents. I stand with George.”

Mike Coffman

Aurora Mayor

“There is no one better prepared to serve as the new DA in the 23rd Judicial District than George Brauchler. George is a prosecutor with a proven record of putting criminals behind bars. Crime in our state is out of control and our surrounding communities deserve the best, that’s George Brauchler. And as an Army veteran, I know George will fight for Colorado.”

Frank McNulty

CU Regent – 4th Congressional District

“When you’re talking public safety, especially in education, you want a prosecutor who has worked and litigated these issues to put bad guys away. George Brauchler has the experience to quickly prosecute these cases and get criminals off the streets faster. He’s my choice for our District Attorney.”

Stephanie Hancock

Aurora City Council, Ward 4

“Protecting and engaging our communities is a priority in Aurora. George Brauchler shares this priority and has a proven record of listening to victims and visiting directly in our neighborhoods to hear our concerns and get to the truth. Residents of the new 23rd Judicial District deserve his compassion and experience.”

Steve Sundberg

Aurora City Council, Ward 2

“George has the right blend of wisdom and wit that serves his constituents well. He’s not afraid to ask probing questions and voters can trust his sharp assessment in decisions. He’ll be fair, yet tough, and give each case a proper review to ensure justice is delivered. He’s the right choice for DA for the new judicial district.“

Curtis Gardner


“Public safety is a key priority for Aurora families, which is why we want an experienced prosecutor working in the new 23rd Judicial district. George Brauchler’s proven track record of prosecuting criminals, defending victims, and keeping us safe will help protect our community that we all love.”

Colonel Mark V. Trostel

Retired Chief Colorado State Patrol

“As a former Chief of the Colorado State Patrol, I had the privilege or knowing and working with George Brauchler for two decades and can honestly state that he is well respected and trusted by law enforcement throughout the front range and the metro area as a DA that will get the job done! No one will be stronger in protecting our community and prosecuting crime in the 23rd JD. That is why I wholeheartedly endorse George Brauchler for DA. He is the man for the job.”

Susan Payne

Founding Executive Director of Safe2Tell, Former Special Agent, and Executive Director of Safe Schools, State of Colorado

“I endorse George Brauchler for District Attorney for our newest district in Colorado, the 23rd judicial district (Douglas, Lincoln, and Elbert Counties). There’s no substitute for leadership and experience. I’ve witnessed George’s actions during three of Colorado’s historic mass shootings – Columbine, Aurora Theater, and the STEM shooting. His understanding of how to protect our communities and schools, combined with his experience prosecuting those responsible and defending victims, is unparalleled.”